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Swamp are currently developing a library of resources which will support young people to develop their careers , personal interests , health and wellbeing

Swamp are committed to providing support and advice to all young people enabling them to realise their true potential

Swamp are fully committed to supporting our local community to utilise our natural environment and harvest the nature that surrounds us

Swamp are currently exploring various environmental opportunities within the local area which is rich in natural resources examples of this include our quest to develop a creative garden at barnbeth road and exploring ways to use the local forrest and river we are also looking for volunteers interested in the local environment so why not give us a call !

If your a young person who needs some support and a bit of help with anything why not get in touch ! we have a dedicated team at swamp who will do their best to provide you with guidance and support wether that be in the form of employability , personal issues affecting you or interests you are thinking about pursuing we are here to help

As we develop this site we will endevour to bring together a whole host of resources that can be accessed and used freely by the community and all young people engaging with Swamp and its services.We will also provide a list of organisation supporting all issues affecting young people within the local area and beyond !


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Swamp are working with BBC children in need to develop youth television